Tattoos and mothers

by Frank
(Detroit USA)

My 25 year old neighbor Sam is crazy about wrestling and he wants to be just like his favorite wrestlers who have tattoos all over their bodies. Sam has been working out for the last two years, doing body-building under the guidance of a personal trainer. Now that his body is in great shape, he wants to have some fancy tattoo designs on it. Sam thinks that tattoos are very sexy.

The problem is that his mother doesn't share his opinion. She doesn't like tattooing at all. Sam is in a bit of dilemma because he wants to do it with his mother's consent. So his plan is to choose a small design and show it to her first. Sam is hoping that she will agree to something low-key. He is quite sure that he will be able to change his mother's mind.

Sam is now thinking of the design. Since I'm a close family friend and he knows that he can trust me, Sam asked me to help him choose something. Yesterday Sam came over to my house to discuss his ideas. He suggested a rose as a symbol of life, but I told him that was too girlish. Instead I showed him a picture of Andrew, a friend of mine who has a tattoo of a small mermaid sitting on a snail. Sam thought it was great idea and that it just might get his mother's approval.

Sam would love to eventually tattoo an arm piece around his bicep. He thinks that it would make his body really attractive looking. Sam knows that he will have to be patient. First he has to win over his mother with a small design. Then when his bicep is even bigger, he'll be ready for a full arm piece tattoo.

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