Awesome Tattoo Merchandise, Just for You!

After promising so long that I will ad some tattoo merchandise to my site, I have finally gotten around to doing it!

I have searched quite extensively to find stuff that is really original and something that I would love to have and I believe my selections of tattoo merchandise will greatly please you all.

I included some of the tackiest items that you will find anywhere, but it is stuff that I am sure you will love as much as I do. There are also very stylish and beautiful items.

My personal favorites are definitely the shoes, (No surpirse here, I love shoes). Take the time to browse through the shoe options when you select an image. Some of them are just too cute!!! If you are a lady person, pay special attention to the Espadrillas. I never thought that I could find anything like that in my style, boy, was I wrong, but have a look for yourself.

The bags section is particularly interesting, with bags ranging from downright outrageous to very stylish.

My jewelry section is not quite complete yet, I have to add a whole lot more, but I ran out of time. Will add more very soon.

I am also working on an art section, so please keep coming back.

Because I love shoes more than any other piece of clothing, here is my "Shoe Store"

If you have ever looked for nice, funny or just plain different T-shirts to express yourself, look no further. Check these out. (The images are kind of unclear, but if you click on it, you have to option to view it in a larger size. I recommend that you do this.)

If you are like every other female I know (I am one myself) you will know that we can never have enough bags or purses. You ned one to go with each outfit, and then of course, you need the large ones for school, and don't forget the special needs bags for sleep overs!

Have a look at these, there are bound to be a couple that will make you chuckle.

Here is my small jewelry collection to date, but there are a few really cool and beautiful items in here, especially if you are starting your Christmas shopping early.


Finally, here are just a few items that everybody can enjoy.

That is all I have for now, I am working on getting these organized a bit better so that you don't have to go through everything to find what you want, but I wanted the merchandise up, incase some of you are starting to think about Christmas shopping!!

If you were not looking

for tattoo merchandise at this point, no worries, check out the rest of my website, I know you will find something of interest.

Till Next time!