Star Design Gallery

My star design gallery is still pretty small, but the designs are pretty original and unique, if I have to say so myself.

I have taken quite a while to do these few star tattoo designs, probably because I think stars are such mystical “beings” and I had a really hard time capturing that feeling, still don’t think I succeeded! I hope to add more inspired designs in the short future, but in the meanwhile, you guys should check this site out, Johnny Tattoo. Once you get there, type in "star" in the search bar to go to the star design gallery. He has really awesome designs and lots of information about stars and their meanings.

If you are just looking for info on stars, go to the home page, on the navigation bar at the bottom click on stars.

Anyways, here are my few star designs that I promised. Enjoy them.

There are many other free designs for you to download if you were unable to find a star design that you are totally in love with in my star design gallery. Just go back to the design gallery and pick another option.

The alternative is to go back to my Home page, and check out my other selections.

Google is another possible option.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun.