What Is The Sacred Heart Tattoo?

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While the sacred heart is a very popular tattoo design amongst Christians, few people know what the origins and meaning of this popular symbol is.

It is said that the use of the Sacred Heart of Jesus originated in the 17th century in Paris, France. Jesus appeared in a vision to a young nun, by the name of Margaret Mary Alocoque. In this vision, Jesus urged Margaret Mary to devote herself to the Heart of Christ, symbolizing His love and sympathy for all mankind. Margaret Mary devoted her whole life to this mission. She showed love and compassion to all people that crossed her way, and made the symbol of the sacred heart a well recognized symbol for the cause.

Later the image was associated with the very suppressive Thiers government in France. During the centennial anniversary of the French commune in 1971, tomatoes, rocks and whatever the crowd could lay their hands on, were thrown at the Sacred Coeur Cathedral in memory of this oppression.

The sacred heart symbol had also gone through a number of evolutions. In Spain they placed the heart on crosses. Unfortunately here also, the symbol started to be associated with the Nationalist Franco Government, and was therefore destroyed by the Loyalists.

At the same time a similar devotion evolved to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This devotion is based on the seven sorrows of Mary. The image of the heart in this case often includes and image of a sword or multitudes of swords imaging the sorrows of Mary.

Today, there are many different variations on the sacred heart tattoo theme, and it does not matter whether you combine it with a cross, a crown of thorns, or angel wings, everybody understands that the central meaning of this design, is dedication to Christ.

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