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I am very proud to finally offer you my monthly ezine,"Random Babblings!"

In this great monthly ezine, you will find free flash sets for you to download, competitions, other free stuff that you can get, the latest tattoo trends and much more. You will even be able to advertise in it, if you want.

I will also include a section where new tattoo artists can display their art and maybe submit a short article on their business and how they got started, something like a monthly profile!

I would also like to include some of YOUR stories, like your first tattoo experience, how was it? Or if you have a few tips for newbies, that will also be great. There will be a small prize each month for the best contribution from a reader, and don't worry, I will pay for the shipping!

And now I will use the very much used phrase in marketing today:

"If you sign up right now, I will send you a collection of FREE flash sets that you can use as you please, but this offer is only good till midnight tonight!"

Just kidding, I will send you a collection of free flash sheets just to say thank you for signing up for my ezine, but this offer is good, period. There is no expiration date, but the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will get your amazing full color flash sets.

So please sign up now, I can't wait to emeet you,(my own term for meeting via internet), and send you these flash sets.

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