Dig or Dag!
Love or Hate Your Heart With Dagger Tattoo.

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The Heart with Dagger tattoo is a classic tattoo design that has been around for a very long time. It can be found in both Christian tattoo designs and secular tattoo designs.

In as so far as Christian designs go, this design depicts the grieving Mary, mother of Christ. She is often called the Women of Seven Sorrows. The sword symbolizes her breaking heart over the death of her beloved Son Jesus.

However, there is a parallel meaning to be found in voodoo, in the “person” of Erzulie Dantor, a black female spirit. Erzulie is very different from Mary in as so far that she symbolizes the spirit of vengeance and cruelty and evil, whereas Mary symbolizes forgiveness, faith and acceptance. It is hard to tell the difference in interpretation just by looking at the tattoo design, I guess it creates an opportunity to explain the meaning of the tattoo to the tattoo bearer.

In secular circles the heart with dagger tattoo design is much easier to understand and comprehend. For the most part, it depicts hurt and betrayal, usually by a lover.

Think about it, if you want to use a dagger to kill a person, you have to get real close to that person in order to inflict a fatal wound. The same way, a close friend or lover gets very close to you, and when they walk out or betray you in any fashion, a fatal wound of betrayal is inflicted upon you.

It does not matter whether you choose this design out of religious conviction, or not, the image always have an emotional impact.

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