Free Celtic Designs To Download

In this Free Celtic Designs gallery, we tried to include some of the more popular Celtic Designs for your enjoyment. By no means is it comprehensive ... yet, but we are working on it.

I tried to include knots, crosses and armbands, as well as a couple of celtic dragon designs and bird designs.

Celtic Tattoo Designs are definitely one of my favorite forms of tattoo. I love the boldness of the designs coupled with the intricacy and sometimes delicacy.

I hope that you will enjoy the gallery!

If you feel like checking out some of the other tattoo categories before making a decision, please feel free to do so. There are many options available.

If you were not quite able to find a free Celtic design that suits you, please check back regularly. We are looking for a good book on the subject to offer you, but we want to make sure that it will be of good quality and useful to you.

Another alternative is to search Google for more options.

Maybe you feel like reading a bit more about Celtic Tattoo Designs in general. The origins and history is pretty interesting especially if you read about Celtic Knots, and Celtic Crosses. Now to get back to the gallery of free celtic designs, that I promised. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: These images have been collected from various newsgroups and public domain sources, and all are believed to be free of copyright. If you find an image within this collection that is not free for distribution, please contact us with this information, and we will either remove the image, or credit its author.

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