Christianity and The Tattoo Movement:
A Love/Hate Relationship.

Example of christian Tattoo Design

For many decades, Christian Tattoo was a big Taboo!

It was considered as something from the devil, something demonic, and Christians and church going people would not be caught dead close to a tattoo parlor and would definitely not be friends with anyone displaying a tattoo.

I think the reasoning behind the misconception that tattoo is from the devil stems from the verse in Leviticus 19 verse 28, which reads “Do not cut your body for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves.” (I have heard pastors jokingly comment that it reads you should not put tattoo marks on yourself, therefore go to a professional to put it on you:-))

There are also numerous bible verses that state the contrary, like what the apostle Paul says in Galatians. “Let no one cause me trouble, because I bear on my body the marks of Jesus “ All through the Bible there are also numerous references made to divine symbols being placed on the bodies of believers. I guess it is all open to interpretation. In recent years however, there has been a huge shift away from this point of view. The upcoming of the so called Evangelical Christians are mostly responsible for this change in attitude. Amongst this group of people, Christian tattoo is a form of expression of the own individuality and faith.

The demand for good religious tattoos are definitely on the rise.

There is still the notion amongst certain Christian denominations, that most of the tattoo designs depicts demons and satanic symbols and by having this done on your skin, you open the door to demonic and satanic possession.

They also abide by the principle that the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and should therefore be kept pure and clean. They reckon that Christian Tattoo is a direct Violation of the prinicple.

Did God himself not tell David to build the temple with Gold and Ivory and gemstones! David was told to adorn the temple of God with all that is beautiful, because God loves Beauty. Would He therefore be unhappy is we adorn our bodies with beautiful artwork in praise of His Name? You decide.

Most popular Christian Tattoo Designs are:

Praying Hands,

Here are a few Christian Tattoo Designs. Have a look, and tell me that this is not beautiful and uplifting!

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These are just a small sample of Christian Tattoo Designs that are available. I have added a few Christian Tattoo Designs in my Christian Tattoo Design Gallery.

I will add more designs with time, but in the meanwhile if you did not find exactly what you were looking for on the Christian tattoo page, return to our home page to make another selection, or if you have an idea and need to expand or evolve it into a tattoo design, please email me with your ideas, We can work on something truly unique for you.

If you really cannot find anything that truly inspires you, please search google for more options.

In the meanwhile, you know how hard it is sometimes to live out your beliefs without looking like you are no fun? heck these out, I really cracked up on some of them. My favorite is: a bumper sticker saying:

"Are you following Jesus this close?"

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