Have you always been fascinated by the complexity of Celtic Tattoo Designs?

Celtic tattoo designs is probably one of the oldest forms of tattoo beknownst to man kind. The intricate and symmetric nature, ensures that it stays a very popular choice when people are considering getting a tattoo done. Modern designs often incorporate elements from other tattoo design styles in the more traditional Celtic design. Be very careful when you select a tattoo artist for your Celtic design.

This design form consist of many interlinking elements that cross under and over each other. This can cause problems for a tattoo artist just starting out, heck, it causes problems for me just looking at it trying to find out where it starts and where it ends.

This is one of the reasons that Celtic designs continue to be so popular. The never ending continuation often symbolizes different emotions for people.

Where did Celtic Tattoo Designs originate? Nobody can give you a real honest answer on this question. Here is a concise history.

Celtic history goes back many many years. The early Celts were very artistic and liked to display their skills in complex artwork especially metal, jewelry and weapons. Early Celts were construed as fierce warriors by the Romans. It is sometimes hard to envision the friendly and jovial Celtic people as warriors!

Examples of Celtic crossses and Celtic artwork can still be found all over Ireland.

Modern Celtic peoples have created symbols for themselves,incorporating the ancient designs and details, with modern ideas and artwork, thus creating unique modern Celtic designs. The North American people of Celtic descent often wear these symbols to show that they are of Celtic descent.

In Ancient times,knowledge was passed down through storytelling. There are not many written records, with the result that there is little evidence of their tattooing remaining, allthough Celtic cross tattoos and celtic knot tattoos are very popular designs nowadays.

Most of Celtic tattoo designs are taken from the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts 'The Book of Kells'.

Some of the most popular Celtic Tattoo Designs are , Celtic Crosses, Celtic Knots and Celtic Banners, although their are a wealth of other Celtic Designs to choose from as well. The options are only limited by your own desires and imagination.

If you still feel a little confused and uncertain about celtic designs and symbols and what the meanings are, check out this site on celtic symbols and symbolism. They have a whack load of very interesting information and beautiful celtic jewelry as well.

In the meanwhile, here are a few Celtic Designs that are free for you to download and use or alter as you please. To download, right Click and "Save Target As".


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