Tie The Knot!
(The Celtic Knot, that is.)

Celtic knot birds

The Celtic Knot is probably the best known Celtic Design and can be widely found in jewelry and art, and of course, tattooing.

The intricate twists and turns are found in ancient stone art and in illuminated manuscripts. As a matter of fact, these designs can be found just about all over the world where the Celtic people have been.

There are numerous Celtic symbol guides available,but I am sorry to say that most of the meanings are made up. While people love to ascribe meanings such as love and loyalty to certain Celtic symbols, there is no proof that these actually exist.

The continual looping of the Celtic knot typically symbolizes eternity and interconnectedness. It is also believed that knots were made to ware off evil spirits.

Take the trinquetra for example, different symbols in the triqueta symbolizes both Christianity and wiccam and neo pagan culture.

It is believed that the interwoven figures of people and animals represent the interdependent nature of life.

There are different explanations of associations for two or more knots laced together.

  • It can symbolize lovers;
  • hunters and their prey;
  • God and human.

The more modern designs are mainly decorative designs and is almost exclusively used for ornamentation. Some modern designs include linked hearts and other "love knots," Christian crosses and armbands.

Because the Celt People did not write much down, but instead everything was conveyed by the spokenword, there is almost no record of explanation for any of the Celtic symbols. All meanings that we ascribe to certain symbols, are derived from the findings of archaeologists who studies the symbols in context, but it is not proven to be true, it is merely assumptions.

I think the most important feature of Celtic Design is the fact that it is open to interpretation. This gives us the vast opportunity to create a symbol true to our beliefs and values. Of course there are a few rules of thumb that you have to adhere to, for instance, the shape of the design often determines the "meaning" of a knotwork design:

  • animal designs represent the attributes of the animal;
  • Circles represent unity or eternity;
  • spirals represent reincarnation or cycles of life and rebirth;
  • triangles and trefoils represent the threefold dominions of earth, sea, and sky;
  • Squares are shield knots, which are generally symbols of protection from evil spirits;
  • Interlaced animals and men represent relationships; but can also emphasize the interdependence of mankind and nature.

Whether you choose a celtic knot, a celtic cross, celtic armband, triquetra, or any other Celtic Design, make it meaningful to YOU, and if the Celtic Thing is not quite your thing, choose another option , what the heck!

Or maybe you want to learn a bit more about the Celtic knot and other Celtic Designs in general before making a choice. Please feel free to do so at your leisure.

Here are a few Celtic Knot designs that you can download and personalize. Right click and "Save Picture As".

As always, Enjoy!

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