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With my Blog I want to bring you information on new products, techniques and legislation that will be relevant to the tattoo world, but I also want to bring you random tattoo babbling!

Voicing frustrations, sharing jokes and information on the tattoo marketplace.

I would also love for you to let me know what kind of topics you would like to have addressed in the blog. Email me your questions or suggestions to (I am sorry to ask this, and I know most people in this group will not do that, please respect my privacy and only email me with real questions and suggestions.)


How Would You Like To Contribute To This Blog?

That's right, you can even become part of the Blog Babbling! Simply tell your favorite tattoo story or tip here! A link to your submission will be included below and will become a permanent part of for others to read!

Tattoos and mothers

My 25 year old neighbor Sam is crazy about wrestling and he wants to be just like his favorite wrestlers who have tattoos all over their bodies. Sam has

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Contribute To Tantalizing Tattoo

Would you like to share your knowledge about your tantalizing tattoo? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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tattoo quotes

An interesting collection of tattoo quotes, including quotes from celebrities and philosophers.

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Fairies and Butterflies

An interesting history of the origins of fairies. Includes free fairy tattoo designs to download.

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Please Bear With Us As We Update The Site

Hello everybody!

Well, it's FINALLY here!! The long awaited update to the site is in progress. While we are updating the site, you may be unable to view graphics or pages - please bear with us as we improve the site and come back later to see the awesome new content, information about finding us on facebook, and a brand new store!! We look forward to bringing you a better site and service!

Thank you for your patience!


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Hello Tattoonites!

Hello everybody.Just an update -- I have been working on this site (even though it may not look like it). I will be uploading exciting new graphics and content soon, keep checking back here!!! Also watch for the addition of a cafe press store (Whoo!) and soon you will be able to find us on facebook!!!

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Site Renovations and Notice to Facebook Users

hello all! it's summer holidays (well, except for the short and light spring semester) and i will have more time on my hands. SO, i'm updating the site. there will be a few changes and some more pages and designs added, so keep checking back often to see what's new (but don't worry, all your favourite stuff will still be here, it just might look a little different.)

and a notice to Facebook users:to those of you who have added the tattoos application ( ) -- while the designs on this site are free to use, they are NOT free to distribute on this service. i appreciate the fact that you like the designs so much that you want to send them to your friends, but they are still linked to this site and as such you may distribute them, but you MUST credit this website if you do! if you fail to do this, you may be subject to copyright penalties that include fines, criminal charges, and orders of restitution! this is not a personal issue, it is a legal one that i am bound to, so please respect that.

thanks for stopping by and do check back often!!


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Happy Valentines Day!!

Hi Guys,

I have not been able to write anything since Christmas! You know how it is when school starts again. However, I jsut wanted to wish all of you a very happy and romantic Valentines Day, and check out the Heart Design page, I added three cupid designs especially for Valentines Day.

Enjoy them, and feel free to download them to take to your tattoo artist.

Till next time.


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Merry Christmas!!!!

Hey Guys,

I am so sorry I've been gravely neglected you these past few weeks, Studies.... need I say more? Anywho, finals are done and I am free for a couple of weeks.

Just wanted to wish ALL of you a fantabulous and Blessed Christmas and 2008, and please watch this space for great thisgs to come in 2008.

Gotta run, still have a bunch of Christmas shopping to do.

Till next time.

More Spider Designs Added!!

Hey Guys,

Check this out, I just added nine more designs by Spider. You will love them. She is bringing some of her best designs out in poster form shortly, so please sign up to my RSS feed so that you can be notified as soon as these hit. They will definitely be worth it.

Till next time, have to hit the books again.


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