Know Your Tattoo Rights.

Best Tattoo Ever!

I thought this was the funniest tattoo I have ever seen.

It was emailed to me with no copywrite notice, so if the image belongs to you, please let me know, and I will gladly credit you or remove the image if you would prefer that.

“Let’s get tattoos to end off our first road trip together,” my friend suggested excitedly. The words sent shivers down my spine. I have one, and frankly, I hate it! Granted, I do not remember why or where I got it, I woke up one morning with the hideous thing on my arm. If I get another tattoo, I want to make very sure that it is something that I want. Hesitantly I agreed, but on the condition that I have time to think about the design and location on my body. (I did not want to tell them that I want to do some research first, that would sound way too dorky)

Well aware of the time crunch that I found myself in (They want to get this done as soon as possible otherwise the impact will be lost) I started my research, and boy, did I find a lot of info. In the process I fell completely in love with this beautiful art form.

On this site I share my findings with you, and there is a lot to share, with more to come! I have placed exotic and less exotic designs, free designs, and designs to be paid for, on this site for your enjoyment.

I specialize in uplifting and positive messages conveyed by beautiful and esthetically pleasing designs, whether they are my own, or those designed by other designers. The tattoo movement has so much to offer to the world. It is such a powerful medium to convey messages. Let’s use it in the most positive way possible.

But wait …. There’s more!

(Don’t you love this selling cliché that nobody falls for anymore?)

I am also going to share with you my experience and knowledge on:-

1. how to choose a design that is meaningful to you,

2. how to pick the location on your body to display this piece of art,

3. What are the possible health risks involved (If any),

4. If you already have a tattoo that you hate, like the first one I got, I am going to share with you how to go about to have it covered up, or removed (No easy task!).

5. I am going to share with you interesting facts and tattoo tidbits, tattoo jokes and slogans. (Coming soon, I hope!)

So please enjoy the site.

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